Streamlined, simplified lifecycle management

Lifecycle management. It’s about maintaining software, hardware and support over the entire life of a system. It’s about maintaining existing systems and managing upgrades to newer equipment. And it involves redeploying older systems for different functions within the organization and retiring old technology.

Dell’s lifecycle management capabilities are designed to simplify IT, focusing on global, pre-packaged and standardized services, from the desktop to the datacenter. Dell’s expertise in product deployment, ongoing maintenance and asset recovery helps you maximize internal IT staff efficiency and minimize total support costs with respect to:

  • ownership of current systems
  • deployment of new systems
  • redeployment of current assets
  • recovery of old systems

Lifecycle Management Diagram

Superior management, at your fingertips

Manageability is about keeping employees up and running while allowing the IT manager to focus on bigger issues. Dell delivers open, flexible, integrated solutions that reduce the complexity and improve the efficiency of this critical IT function.

Standard Client Management
Dell’s line of technologies and services are designed to help you more effectively manage standard clients. Dell’s ProManage and ProConsult services help you assess your needs, take advantage of hardware technologies and integrate management tools into your environment. Additionally, Dell Management Console for Client and Dell Distributed Device Manager work with both old and new client products, so you don’t have to upgrade to benefit from new and improved management tools.

Thin Client Management
For thin clients, keeping end users running involves managing and deploying an operating environment and applications. This can occur by means of desktop streaming or virtual remote desktop. Through a variety of flexible computing products and consulting services, Dell can assess, design and implement full solutions for customers seeking to add thin-client architecture to their environment.

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Solutions that boost productivity

With each new generation of products, Dell is helping workers and companies all over the world work more efficiently, become more productive and communicate better by providing a broader scope of technology and added productivity features that enhance workforce performance and efficiency.

Over the past 5 years, Dell’s portfolio of laptops, desktops and workstations has nearly doubled. To ensure our customers have the functionality and support they need, Dell has added a wide range of task-optimized services, including patch management, software distribution and Dell's online backup and recovery service that enables end users to effortlessly backup data.

Desktop Virtualization

Take back control of your IT environment today with Flexible Computing Solutions.

Years of rapid growth, business acquisitions and globalization have left IT with a jumble of systems, software and data to manage. With Dell’s Flexible Computing Solutions—which includes desktop virtualization—Dell can help you gain control of your IT environment so you can drive maximum efficiency throughout your enterprise.

Desktop Virtualization changes the client-management paradigm. Instead of managing desktops and devices, you manage digital identities — the data, preferences, applications, operating systems and IT policies uniquely associated with each user. The benefits of desktop virtualization are plentiful and include:

  • Improved manageability across your client workforce
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced security risks
  • Ability to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster

Dell's service-backed, virtual client architectures capitalize on advanced networking and virtualization technologies and ensure you can take advantage of all the benefits desktop virtualization offers. Deploying new resources can be time consuming but Dell’s Flexible Computing Solutions are centered around efficiency. The digital workforce identities reside in a central location on your network. Deployment is a breeze because the master copy of all the data is centralized rather than on individual computing devices scattered across the enterprise. Implementation is simplified with standards-based reference architectures and industry-leading performance and functionality.

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